Coloured Smoke Batteries

Want something spectacular?

Coloured smoke coils

Spectacularity to the next level's coloured smoke batteries are the perfect addition to any event you want to make even more spectacular and exciting. With our smoke batteries, you can create stunning visual effects that will leave your guests speechless.

At we offer a wide variety of options and combinations, so you can personalise your shows and make each one unique and unforgettable. Our coloured smoke batteries are of the highest quality and are designed to guarantee a spectacular and long-lasting visual effect.

What's more, at we take care of the entire process, from installation to collection. Our team of highly trained professionals ensures that everything is in perfect condition and works perfectly to guarantee a spectacular experience.

Don't wait any longer to give your event a special touch with's coloured smoke drums! Contact us and we will help you create a show you will never forget.

Bring colour to your event

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Want to give your event the wow factor and spectacle it deserves? Look no further, our coloured smoke batteries are the perfect option. At we offer transport, set up and supervision to make sure everything goes perfectly, contact us now and make your event unforgettable!

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