Co2 guns

Strong emotions on the surface.

Co2 guns

A little about this device

Looking to add a touch of freshness and style to your parties or shows? CO2 guns are the ideal solution.

These guns do not fire bullets or projectiles, but emit a high-pressure jet of CO2 gas that creates an impressive effect on the atmosphere. The dense, cold fog produced by the CO2 gun is perfect for creating a unique and exciting atmosphere at events such as concerts, festivals and discotheques.

At, we offer a wide selection of CO2 guns to suit your needs. From portable guns to large professional units, our CO2 guns are safe and easy to use. Plus, they come with everything you need to start enjoying their amazing visual effects.

Add an exciting touch to your event with CO2 guns from Our CO2 guns are of the highest quality and are designed to give you a unique experience. Don't wait any longer to take your event to the next level with CO2 guns.

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Don't wait any longer to make your event a success. Contact us at and let us help you find the perfect CO2 gun for your event. Our team of experts is here to answer any questions you may have and help you select the best option for you. Add an exciting touch to your event with Betuned CO2 guns.

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