Influencer wedding trends

Influencer weddings set trends: modernising the bridal world

Once the most popular brides on the net have marked a before and after: now everyone wants these celebrations.


2019 has been the year of choice for some influencers of our country to say "I do" to each other. The most eagerly awaited wedding has been the one of Alexandra Pereirawhich seemed to be the trigger for all the weddings that would come after it that same year. But being the first always has consequences. In this case, all eyes will be on you, either to acclaim you or to look for inspiration. Do you want to see how the influencers have chosen to stand out at their weddings?

Aim, fire: smoke!

Something that took everyone by surprise and automatically became an object of desire: smoke guns. Ever since Alexandra Pereira and Ghassan Fallaha presented them exclusively at their wedding, they were soon seen at other weddings, whether of influencers or brides and grooms who also wanted to have this original surprise factor. When it was time for the party, they brought out these stylish white smoke guns that livened up the celebration even more. Normally, this is the work of the wedding planner who has organised the wedding. By having suppliers who offer the latest novelties, they can offer to show it exclusively, which is a plus for the bride and groom who want to stand out.

Alexandra Pereira's (Lovely Pepa) husband, Ghassan Fallaha, with THE gun.

Newspaper article "La Vanguardia".

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